Terms and Conditions

  1. No dogs will be permitted onto the property without proof of up to date vaccination.
  2. In order to keep our boarding facilities parasite-free, all pets will be treated with a tick and flea preventative such as Frontline, on admission. Pets will also be dewormed on arrival. There will be an additional charge for these two services.
  3. The pets’ owner acknowledges responsibility for the full costs of accommodation booked whether the pets are accommodated or not, and that this reservation contract is not subject to cancellation or variation, unless such cancellation or variation is received by us in writing at least two weeks before booked admission date.
  4. If at the sole discretion of the owner of Greenacres, your pet should become ill, we will call a veterinarian to attend to your pet or it will be taken to a Veterinary Hospital where it can receive the correct professional attention, at pet owner’s expense.
  5. Pet owners are permitted to bring their pet’s own bedding. Every effort will be made to look after your pet’s bedding, toys and accessories, but Greenacres accepts no responsibility for their loss or damage.
  6. If pets are not collected with 1 week of their booked departure date, we will consider them officially surrendered to Greenacres Kennels and we reserve the right to re-home them at our discretion.
  7. Although your pet will be treated with the greatest of care, all pets are boarded at the owner’s risk.

Cancellation policy:

2 weeks or more before admission – we will refund 100% of moneys paid less the non-refundable deposit.
1 to 2 weeks before admission – we will refund 50% less the non-refundable deposit
Less than one week before admission – no refunds will be made.