Busting Your Dog’s Boredom

Busting your dog’s Boredom

I am often asked for advice on a variety of behavioural problems that dog owners are struggling to correct. Nine times out of ten these problems are caused by boredom. Excessive barking, chewing, digging and destructiveness are all examples of behavioural problems that may be caused by boredom.

Training is always recommended when dealing with behavioural problems however there are other things you can do.

Here are a few things that can be done in order to alleviate some of your dog’s boredom:


Your dog may be looking for a way to burn off some energy, so make sure he is getting plenty of exercise. A daily walk or games of fetch in the back yard are great ways to burn off that extra energy.


Take ten minutes out of your day to do a quick training session. Training uses not only physical energy but mental energy as well. This will help to reduce boredom and forces your dog to focus on you and what he is learning. Make sure these sessions are fun and positive. Another option is to join a training class once or twice a week.

Play Dates

If your dog is well socialised, plan play dates with other dogs or take him to a dog park. Play is a great way to burn energy and alleviates boredom and playing and socializing will greatly benefit your dog.


Give your dog toys that that are fun and interesting and that offer a mental challenge. Food dispensing toys are a great option. A Kong can be stuffed with treats and your dog has to figure out how to get to the treats. A Buster cube is another similar option. Make sure you rotate your dog’s toys to keep him interested in them.

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