Kennelling a Dog with Separation Anxiety

A dog who is suffering from Separation Anxiety will show signs of distress, anxiety and destructiveness, when left alone. Symptoms of separation anxiety include barking, howling, chewing, digging, whining etc.

Dogs who suffer from Separation Anxiety will show these behaviours when left alone or around the time you would usually leave for work.

Kennelling a dog who suffers from separation anxiety can be quite difficult. They often show very destructive behaviour whilst in their kennel (destroying bedding, digging etc.) and many refuse food.

There are a few things that can be done in order to alleviate some of your dog’s stress while he/she is in kennels:

1) If you are not opposed to medicating your dog, consider a course of ‘Calmeze’ (or any natural calming medication) for a few days prior to your dog’s stay, as well as during their time in the kennels.

2) Bring as many of your dog’s own belongings as possible. He/she should feel less stressed if he/she has their own bed, toys, bowls etc.

3) Bring along a shirt, towel or blanket you have slept in/with. This will have your scent on it and may help to keep your dog calm and comfortable.

4) Chew toys and ‘Brain’ toys will help to keep your dog occupied whilst in the kennel.

5) Bring your dog for short visits to the kennels prior to his stay. Ensure the visits are fun and that your dog feels calm and enjoys it. This will ensure your dog has a positive association with the kennels.

6) Drop your dog off at the kennels BEFORE you pack for your holiday. Your dog may sense that you are leaving and this could make him/her anxious and stressed.

7) Give your dog treats in the car on the way to the kennel. This will also encourage a positive association with the car ride to the kennels.

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